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My name is Charlotte. Almost 6 years ago now, my life was turned upside down by Lyme Disease. I had never experienced fatigue like that in my life and I'm determined to never feel it again. As awful as that experience was, I wouldn't take it back for a minute. It led me to my passion and I completely changed my life's direction, devoting myself to all things wellness.


An incredible number of people today are victims of chronic disease and modern malnutrition. It frustrates and saddens me that so many ailments could be treated or even prevented in the first place. All it can take is the right food and a healing mindset. While it took time to truly heal (and wellness is a lifelong journey), I now have energy like never before and I want to use that newfound energy to help others regain their health so that they can live the lives they are meant to. 


Charlie Love is a place to learn, connect, and heal from within. Whether you're interested in learning alongside me or are looking for some one-on-one help, I'm here for you. I truly believe that whatever the challenge, there is always a way to take control and achieve a healthier, happier life. You've already taken the first step.





Learn alongside me as I apply my experience and training to explore the hot button health and wellness topics of today.


About Me

With a history of chronic illness, I've devoted my life to all things wellness. Read more about how I got to where I am today!

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Health Coaching

Connect with me to heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I am a registered FNTP and I specialize in fighting fatigue, managing chronic illness, and forming habits to regain control of the life you deserve to live.

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