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Charlie Love

How I Got Here

Hi, my name is Charlotte. In the past, I've compared myself to a cactus - someone who survives the harshest of conditions but is full of life and looks prickly on the outside but is actually lush and full of life. Speaking of life, it has definitely thrown me some curveballs, both health- and life-related, but I've come out on the other side stronger than ever. So I've reevaluated. I don't believe I'm innately prickly and I don't need to have a protective layer when inside, I'm bursting with empathy and love for life. So who says I can't be a colorful, beautiful, captivating flower inside and out? 

My mother said something interesting to me a year ago. She said that she could see my childhood personality coming back out, that "the old charlotte was back." I smiled at the thought of what that comment suggested. It meant I was excited by life again, that I was shedding that tough skin I had built up from years of insecurity, unresolved issues, and a harsh world. My nickname as a kid was Charlie, a name which brings me back to those innate qualities I value. But who exactly is the older Charlotte? I'm still working to figure that out but feel closer and closer to my authentic self every day. 

Charlie Love is inspired by remembering and appreciating our younger selves, our personalities unshaped by others and by the pain we've endured. Through all of my self work, I've finally found a passion and believe I'll be devoted to it for the rest of my life: wellness. I am absolutely fascinated by all things wellness and am determined to pursue it. Here you'll find information and personal musings about nutrition, fitness, health, psychology, lifestyle, and everything in between. 

In my pursuit of wellness, I've become certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the NTA and a licensed yoga instructor. I continue to educate myself with online courses, podcasts, and discussions with others. So, if you've made it to my site, I hope you learn and benefit from my words. And most importantly, I hope you learn more about who you are and rediscover your own inner Charlie. 

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